Upper Deck Brings Back the FANTASTIC FOUR, Will Marvel Follow?

Fantastic Four Legendary expansion box art
Credit: Nigel Raynor/Upper Deck
Credit: Nigel Raynor/Upper Deck

Upper Deck has been unable to reprint the cards the Fantastic Four expansion pack for its Marvel Legendary card game for four years - but that is now changing, according to Upper Deck Senior Brand Manager Jason Brenner.

Brenner told ICv2 that Marvel has allowed the trading card company to go back to press with the Fantastic Four expansion, which will become available in six to eight weeks. According to Brenner, its entire contents, packaging, and price remaining the same. Brenner told ICv2 that the set had not been reprinted due to a "licensor-controlled issue," meaning that Marvel was the reason it wasn't reprinted, not Upper Deck.

Apparently Marvel's position has changed.

Marvel has not published a Fantastic Four series since Fantastic Four #645 in April, 2015. The Richards family themselves have been absent from Marvel Comics since the end of Secret Wars in late 2015. However, the original series was one of Marvel's longest running titles, with Fantastic Four #1 having launched the publication of the Marvel Universe in 1961.

Marvel has recently been dropping big hints about a major return to its comic line during its upcoming Marvel Legacy initiative.

Marvel announced that its Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot special kicking off the initiative would include the "Earth-shattering return of a Marvel mainstay." Then, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told ABC News that Legacy would "answer a question" that the publisher is "constantly asked" with a last page reveal that would - using Brian Michael Bendis's turn of phrase - "break the internet."

Alonso also told ABC News that Legacy would "prove that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder." 

Could Upper Deck's new clearance to reprint the Fantastic Four expansion of its Legendary game be a signal that Marvel is indeed ready to bring its first family back to print?

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