WONDER WOMAN Opening Weekend Outperforms MAN OF STEEL & IRON MAN

"Wonder Woman" poster
Credit: Warner Bros.

Updated June 5, 2017 at 9:21 a.m. EST: Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman exceeded studio expectations, earning an estimated $223 million in its opening weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. The Gal Gadot-led film earned $100.5m domestically and $122.5 from the 55 international markets it opened in.

According to Cinemascore, Wonder Woman's audience was slightly more female (52% to 48%), with 47% of the audience being over the age of 35, 39% between 18 and 35, and the remaining 14 being under 18.

Wonder Woman's $223m made it the 12th-largest opening weekend for a comic book-based movie of all time, putting it slightly ahead of Iron Man 2 ($220.8m), Man of Steel ($202m), and Iron Man ($201.2m) but behind the recent Logan ($247.4m).

That being said, Wonder Woman has yet to open in several overseas countries including France, Germany, Spain, and Japan.

Original Story: Wonder Woman has made $11 million in domestic preview night ticket sales from Thursday night showings, according to Box Office Mojo

In terms of Thursday night box office of recent superhero movies, this places Wonder Woman just behind Guardians of the Galaxy, which earned $11.2m before a $94.3m opening weekend, and just ahead of Doctor Strange's $9.2m Thursday, which led to an $85m opening weekend.

Wonder Woman is in North American theaters now.

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