ACTION COMICS #982, #984, and SUICIDE SQUAD #20 Changes Artists

"Suicide Squad #20" art
Credit: Stjepan Sejic (DC Comics)
Credit: Patrick Zircher (DC Comics

The art and some covers to Action Comics #982, #984, and Suicide Squad #20 are changing.

Action Comics #982 is now being illustrated by Jack Herbert, replacing the originally-solicited Viktor Bogdanovic. The issue is the finale of the current "Revenge" arc, but DC says the story of the issue will not change and it remains scheduled for release June 28. Mikel Janin is now slotted in to do Action Comics #982's variant cover, as opposed to the previously-listed Gary Frank.

Bogdanovic has also been pulled from Action Comics #984, with rotating artist Patrick Zircher coming in to draw the planned "Revenge" finale.

Bogdanovic remains solicited to draw July's Action Comics #983, however.

Credit: Otto Schmidt (DC Comics)

Suicide Squad has been gone through several artists since the departure of Jim Lee, and June 28's Suicide Squad #20 is now being illustrated by the new Aquaman artist Stjepan Sejic. Sejic replaces the originally-solicited team of Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira, which no announced change to the planned story - the start of a new arc titled "False Flag." Green Arrow artist Otto Schmidt is now illustrating the cover, replacing Barrows and Ferreira as well.

Barrows and Ferreira are solicited for other cover work in June, July, and August, but have no other interior work at DC solicited.

No reason was given by DC for the changes to these issues.

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