LEGION & THE GIFTED Are 'More of Their Own Thing' in the X-MEN Cinematic Universe

"The Gifted" still
Credit: Fox

As 20th Century Fox expands its X-Men world to the small screen with TV shows such as FX's Legion or Fox's upcoming The Gifted, there have been questions about how the series will fit with Fox's X-Men films. According to producer Hutch Parker, who has worked on several X-Men films including the recently announced X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the shows occupy their own space in the X-Men mythos, in the same world as the films but not directly touching them.

"They’re more of their own thing," Parker told ScreenRant. "Part of what I think has always been compelling about the X-Men Universe to me is, it is about individuals grappling with the degrees and ways in which they’re different from the society in which they live. That as an idea allows you, you can follow any one of countless characters in the universe and have a completely idiosyncratic experience, right? A completely unique story. I think what’s great about what they’ve been doing in TV is they’re finding those nooks and crannies and characters and new articulations or expressions of those issues and exploring them in a series format. So without being specifically tied, they’re another way in which the [X-Men] Universe is getting expanded."

The Gifted will premiere this fall on Fox, while FX has renewed Legion for season 2. No specific dates for either have been set.

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