"The One #1" cover
Credit: Rick Veitch (Marvel/Epic)
Credit: Rick Veitch (King Hell Press)

IDW Publishing is planning a new collected edition of Rick Veitch's Marvel/Epic series The One for 2018. Originally published in 1985 as one of Marvel's creator-owned titles, The One was a six-issue series that focused on a superhero-fueled Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

"I've signed with IDW to do a new edition of my 1985 Epic Comics mini-series, The One," said Veitch on Facebook. "Editor Scott Dunbier told me to be vague about publishing plans, but I can say everything will be rescanned from the original art and recolored with fresh eye-popping color (the way I always imagined it)."

Veitch has previously published several editions of The One on his own through his King Hell Press company.

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