Third Publisher Adds STAR WARS Comic Book Titles

"Star Wars: A New Home Cinestory Comic" preview
Credit: Joe Books
Credit: Joe Books

Joe Books has become the third comic book publisher to acquire Disney's Star Wars license, with a series of 'cinestory' adaptations planned of the original Star Wars movie as well as some episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

Joe Books' cinestory' format is a popular comic book technique used in adapting films and TV shows into comics, utilizing stills and screengrabs as art for comic book panels and then overlaid with the dialogue in traditional comic book speech balloons and special effects.

“When Star Wars: A New Hope premiered in theatres forty years ago, it launched enduring stories and characters that continue to resonate with children and adults alike,” says Joe Books president Steve Osgoode. “We could not be more excited to be celebrating such a milestone with this unique publishing opportunity that allows fans to explore the film that started it all in a brand-new format.”

It kicks off in August with Spark of Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic, with Star Wars: A New Hope Cinestory Comic in September. Three additional Star Wars Rebels adaptions are planned: Path of the Jedi in November, Maul in February 2018, and Grand Admiral Thrawn in May 2018.

In 2008, Dark Horse released a series of similiar "photocomic" adaptations of Episodes I through VI as well as The Clone Wars animated movies, however Joe Books doesn't appear to be using Dark Horse's work.

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