WONDER WOMAN Filmmakers Key In On Magic & Essence At L.A. Premiere's Blue Carpet

Wonder Woman Los Angeles premiere
Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)
Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)

Crowds surrounded the Hollywood Pantages Theatre Thursday night to catch a glimpse of Gal Gadot and her supporting cast for the Los Angeles premiere of Wonder Woman.

Celebrities in attendance included Wonder Woman cast members Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen as well as DC's Legends of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton from The Flash, and the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

As cast members and attendees made their way down the blue carpet, they also chatted briefly with members of the press.

Director Patty Jenkins described the experience of making Wonder Woman as “mind-blowing.”

Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)

“Particularly because you’re talking about something that I totally believe in, I’ve always loved,” she said. “Any iconography about her, I’ve always wanted to get - that Wonder Woman T-shirt! - but to actually pass that on to the next generation and to all her fans today, it’s beautiful.”

Jenkins also praised her lead actress, Gal Gadot.

“That’s the magic of this movie, of which there was many - the right people got brought in. She’s a gift, honestly, to me. Everything she does, she exudes Wonder Woman at every moment.”

Wonder Woman screenwriter Allan Heinberg (whom you may remember for writing Marvel's Young Avengers) said that his and Geoff Johns' goal with the film was to tap into the essence of the character.

“We were trying to tap into what her essence is, and what makes her so important for so many years,” said Wonder Woman screenwriter Allan Heinberg. “It was really getting down into her life and into her psychology,” adding that Jenkins’ goal, above the superheroics and battles, was to make viewers care about Diana and get them invested in her journey.

Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)
Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)

Heinberg praised Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince.

“She’s everything I’d hoped she’d be,” he said. “Gal’s got this incredibly soulfulness and wisdom about her that translates beautifully into the character… I don’t think anybody else could have played this role. There’s a serenity to this character that Gal brings. She’s the embodiment of peace.”

Heinberg added that this film was inspired by both the Golden Age iteration of Wonder Woman, George Perez’s acclaimed run on the character, as well as a synthesis of his take, along with Jenkins and Johns.

Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)

“There’s so much richness and so many extraordinary Amazons to introduce, so the trick was to introduce all these things in as accessible a way as possible, because you can get stuck there for a long time,” Heinberg said.

Veteran DC movie producer Charles Roven added, “I think [Wonder Woman is] just a great character. She’s known what she’s wanted to be, what her goals were, since she was just a little girl. Most superheroes have a tragedy in their life or an event in their life that makes them super… they’re often running away from their legacy. Not her, she went after it.

“She didn’t know she had superpowers, didn’t know she was half a god, but she did know she wanted to be heroic, she wanted to do good deeds. She wanted to emulate her mother and her aunt, and she pursues it,” Roven added. “Even though she’s naive and doesn’t always handle herself correctly or do the right thing - she stubs her foot every once in awhile - she has great values. She’s a pacifist, she’s empathetic, she wants to protect people who can’t protect themselves. She’s just a wonderful role model, especially for today.”

Regarding the casting of Gal Gadot, Roven said that Gadot had actually considered leaving acting, before producer Zack Snyder tested her for the part.

“She just blew us away, from the very moment she walked out onto the set,” Roven said. “She wasn’t just amazing in front of the camera, but all of the wardrobe people, the hair and makeup people, the people who were putting the sets together, they were all like, ‘We want her.’ It was pretty amazing that it was unanimous that way.”

Credit: David Pepose (Newsarama)
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