An Inverse SHAZAM! In WAID, PEYER & TORRES' CAPTAIN KID #1 - Full First Issue, Free

"Captain Kid #1" preview

A unique twist on "Shazam!" and "Kimota!" delivered by Mark Waid, Tom Peyer, Wilfredo Torres, and Brent Peeples. Check out the full first issue of Captain Kid for free, ahead of the first collected edition, due out June 7.

CAPTAIN KID VOL #1 / $14.99 / 121 pages / Color
Writer: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer
Artists: Wilfredo Torres & Brent Peeples
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letterer: A Larger World
Cover Artist: Wilfredo Torres
Collecting the first five issues! A middle-aged man has suddenly transformed into a teenage super hero. If it happened to you, would you ever change back?

Chris Vargas is a 40-something man with a hacking cough, an obsolete job and a bombastic secret: whenever he likes, he can transform into the teenage super hero Captain Kid! In this, his first recorded adventure, he encounters Helea, a mysterious woman who knows more about him than he does, and Halliday, a mad businessman with a catastrophic weapon!

From Mark Waid (Spider-Man, Daredevil & Kingdom Come), Tom Peyer (The Atom), Wilfredo Torres (Jupiter’s Circle), and Brent Peeples (TMNT) comes the BRAND NEW series that HAD to be told at AFTERSHOCK COMICS!

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