SECRET WARS-Themed Animated AVENGERS Season Details Release Date, Cast

Avengers: Secret Wars
Credit: Marvel Animation/Disney XD

The fourth season of Marvel Animation's Avengers Assemble animated series on Disney XD is scheduled to premiere June 17 under the season-long name Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars. Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, and the Vision are joining the line-up this season, and Disney XD will be airing six solo shorts beginning on June 2 to spotlight each new member.

Credit: Marvel Animation/Disney XD

Avengers: Secret Wars picks up directly after last season's Avengers: Ultron Invasion, with Iron Man marooned in another dimension while Captain America and the other founding members attempt to break in these new members as an animated version of the Cabal, led by the Leader, rises.

Avengers: Secret Wars is scheduled to debut in a two-part premiere on Saturday, June 17.

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