POWER MAN & IRON FIST Artist Returns with Magical Cold War In 1000

Credit: Sanford Greene
Credit: Sanford Greene

Power Man & Iron Fist artist Sanford Greene is returning to creator-owned work with a new title at LINE Webtoon titled 1000. Co-created with James Bruce Brown III, 1000 follows a man named Dragon Sun - a disgraced god who seeks to regain his Dragon form by completing 1000 acts of repentence. Set in a modern fantasy world where a cold war of magic users is underway, 1000 is written by Chuck Brown and scheduled for a late summer debut.

“I’m really excited for readers to discover the thrilling world of 1000," Greene said. "It’s been an incredible journey to create a comic for a vertical digital platform like LINE Webtoon, it’s challenged me in a unique way and I can’t wait for readers to see the results."

Greene and Brown worked previously on the creator-owned title Rotten Apple at Dark Horse, but this their first digital comic title.

“I’m very excited to add 1000 to our popular range of fantasy comics," said LINE Webtoon founder/head, JunKoo Kim. "Sanford is a world-class comic artist and we’re looking forward to 1000’s launch later this year."

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