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Credit: Marvel Comics


Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Updated June 1, 2017 at 12:08 p.m. EST: The latest Runaways teaser has a bit of a twist, as it features the late Gertude Yorkes. And unlike previous teasers, there is no accompanying descriptive text about the character.

Gert is one of the founding members of the Marvel teen team, but died in 2006's Runaways #18. An apparent Gert lookalike appeared briefly in a scene from 2009's Runaways #14, but was never followed up on.

Could this be that looklike? Well, Marvel shows their cards a bit here as the image's filename is 'GetReadyToRun_Gert'.

As of now, the only founding Runaways member not to appear in the teasers is the villainous Alex Wilder, who recently reappeard in Power Man & Iron Fist as what series writer David Walker called "one of the most crucial villains to the Marvel U" in the future.

Look for more info on this 2017 Runaways series here at Newsarama.


Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Updated May 30, 2017 at 10:04 a.m. EST: The fifth advertisement for Marvel's teased Runaways title has been released, focused on the teen mutant Molly Hayes.

Although this team hasn't been seen much in recent years, alternate reality versions of Hayes have popped up twice - once in the X-Men "Battle of the Atom" crossover and once in the Secret Wars: A-Force title.

Following the previous teases for Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Old Lace, and Karolina Dean, the publisher has now teased the involvement of all of Runaways founding members outside of the deceased Gert Yorkes and the turncoat Alex Wilder. Together, they coincidentally make up the initial cast of the planned Hulu live-action series as well.

Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Updated May 26, 2017 at 9:48 a.m. EST: A fourth teaser - and apparent member - has been added to Marvel's teased Runaways series scheduled to come sometime this year.

The Majesdanian runaway Karolina Dean is now teased, with a considerably different dress than seen in previous appearances. Dean is one of the founding Runaways, but was last seen in A-Force.

The eventual line-up will likely match that of the upcoming Hulu Runaways television series which mirrored the comic book version's founding roster. So far the only founding members not teased are Molly Hayes, the deceased Gert Yorkes, and Alex Wilder - who recently resurfaced in the Power Man & Iron Fist series as a villain, once again.


Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Updated May 24, 2017 at 3:15 p.m. EST: The Runaways teasers are picking up pace, with a third teaser - the second in one day - released, highlighting Old Lace.

After her Runaways death was revealed to have been faked in Avengers Academy, Old Lace has not been seen much in Marvel Comics.

Old Lace joins her frequent companion Chase Stein and Nico Minoru as the members of the apparent new Runaways title coming later this year.

Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Updated May 24, 2017: A second Runaways teaser has been released, this time spotlighting Chase Stein.

In the description, it alludes to both Old Lace and the late Gertrude.

Marvel states that this presumed Runaways series will debut in 2017, but no creative team has been named to date. Kris Anka, however, has drawn both teasers.


Credit: Kris Anka (Marvel Comics)

Original Story: Marvel has released a Kris Anka-drawn teaser highlighting Nico Minoru of the Runaways. The seemingly-new illustration of the one-time Sister Grimm is accompanied with a few blurbs explaining the character, and a slogan urging fans to "get ready to run" that co-opts the masthead of the previous Runaways title.

Marvel included the text "coming 2017" with the teaser image.

This could be the first of what may be a series of teasers featuring the teen heroes of Runaways - likely leading to a relaunch of the title to coincide with the upcoming Hulu TV series. Kris Anka recently concluded a stint on Star-Lord, and has no announced title to follow it.

Expect more teasers signaling the Runaways relaunch to arrive as the week goes on, likely culminating in the announcement of a new series and creative team.

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