Cross-Country CURSE WORDS Van Tour With SOULE & BROWNE

Curse Words
Credit: Artist's Rendering (Not Final)
Credit: Charles Soule

Charles Soule and Ryan Browne are doing a cross-country van tour promoting the upcoming release of the first volume of their book Curse Words from Image Comics.

"From the earliest days of talking about this book, Ryan and I wanted to do something special and meaningful to commemorate the first big milestone of working on Curse Words together, the release of the first collected volume of the series. Instead, we're getting a van," said Soule.

Credit: Image Comics

The 14-stop tour begins July 21 at Chicago's Challengers Comics and is scheduled to conclude August 13 in Grand Rapids at Vault of Midnight.

"We know that driving a van decorated with wizards and koalas around the country for three weeks in the middle of the summer is an unusual thing to do, but it's a crowded market, and you have to do something to stand out," Soule explained. "We're hoping that people will come for the van and stay for the comic. Or vice versa, maybe. We still can't believe we're actually doing this."

Image Comics has a unique history with van/bus tours, with Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri heading one up in the 1990s coinciding with the "Killer Instinct" crossover between Wildc.a.t.s. and Cyberforce. The Curse Words van tour will be markedly differently - beginning with the theme of the signings: "Wizard Parties."

Credit: Ryan Browne (Image Comics)

"Part of the idea here was to do something different than just the standard store signing - something that would be fun for us and the people we'll meet along the way. While we're still locking down the nitty gritty, and each store's event will be a little different, we're lumping them all under the banner of 'Wizard Parties,'" said Soule. "So... if you've been wondering since you were a small child what wizards do when they party... well, this is the tour for you."

Curse Words Vol. 1 is scheduled to go on-sale July 19, with the tour kicking off two days later.

"We were really thrilled with the response from stores all over the country who got into this spirit of this silly idea, and we can't wait to start things up on July 21. We'll see how we feel after three weeks on the road, but one way or another, it'll be magic."

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