DC's HELLBLAZER Summons New Creative Team

Hellblazer #13
Credit: Tim Seeley (DC Comics)
Credit: Tim Seeley (DC Comics)

DC have enlisted Tim Seeley, Jesus Merino, and Chris Sotomayor to take over The Hellblazer with the "Rebirth" title's #13 in August, according to Nerdist.

“I’ve wanted to work on The Hellblazer for as long as I can remember," said Seeley. "John isn’t quite a hero. He’s doing his best to get by, making mistakes along the way, and checking off things he’ll regret later. Y’know, like all of us. The Hellblazer is one of the few, genuine horror series DC regularly puts out, and telling icky, creepy, scary stories with just a touch of sexy is totally my thing. And getting to draw the covers as well is the perfect gig for ol’ Tim.”

Their first story-arc will have John Constantine questioning if his "imagination has been weaonized" after he's been accused of murder.

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