LION FORGE COMICS Full AUGUST 2017 Solicitations

Lion Forge August 2017 cover
Credit: Lion Forge

Writer:  Joe Casey
Artist:  Damion Scott
Accell can run fast, but he’s not faster than the demon hot on his tail. With the help of a mysterious elder, the worlds first super human fights for his life.
This night that will change Accell’s life forever, and everyone doesn’t make it out alive.
August 16, 2017
32 pages, FC / 3.99


Writer:  Joe Casey & Ramon Govea
Artist:  Larry Stroman
Cover Artists:  Larry Stroman (Main Cover), Khary Randolf (1 in 5 Variant) John Cassaday (1 in 20 Variant) Phil Jimenez Connecting Cover (1 in 25 Variant)
One Year after The Event that transformed a small portion of the world’s population into superhumans, billionaire Bo Vincent Chen has gathered his team of enhanced operatives for secret missions. Their latest task: saving the life of the extraordinary teenager called Seven.
The world’s first mysterious superteam of the Catalyst Prime Universe is revealed in this new series, but what secrets are they all hiding?
Note: The 1 in 25 variants will be the second part of a connecting cover program that spans across all seven catalyst prime titles    
September 20, 2017
32 pages, FC / 3.99

Writer:  Brandon Thomas
Artists:  Roger Robinson with color by Juan Fernandez
Cover Artist:  Roger Robinson
•    David is finally reunited with his wife, Astrid, but with terrible consequences.
•    The secret of the suicide mission that gave birth to the Catalyst Prime universe is revealed!
Note: Final issue of Vol. 1
August 2, 2017
32 pages, FC / 3.99


Writers:  David Walker & Sheena C. Howard
Artist:  Ray-Anthony Height
Cover Artists:  Ray-Anthony Height (Main Cover), Keron Grant (1 in 5 Variant) Patrick Zircher (1 in 10 Variant)
Teenagers are disappearing within the town of Youngstown, Ohio, and the internet sensation superhero Cosmosis is going to find out why… if he can escape the Foresight Corporation compound alive.
August 23, 2017
32 pages, FC / 3.99

Writer: Thierry Smolderen
Artist: Dominique Bertail
Cover Artist: Dominique Bertail
At the end of the year 2020, a team of military veterans are out to uncover a secret fortune built from the ashes of 9/11 so vast that it could disrupt the entire global economy. Their primary target is a beautiful young billionaire who crosses time zones with disconcerting ease.  
•    Written by noted French author and comic historian Thierry Smolderen (“GYPSY”, “MCCAY”).
•    Illustrated by noted comic artist and cinematic storyboard artist Dominique Bertail.
August 16, 2017
28 pgs + cover, FC / 3.99


Writer: Raule
Artist: Roger
Cover Artist: Roger
Forced into a heist by a former friend turned local Mafia lieutenant, Jazz puts his thieving skills to good use, breaking into the home of a Romanian crimelord in search of a rare treasure.  Little do they both know, their own operation is being hit by a rival operation of coldblooded assassins.  
New layers of the Barcelona underworld peel open like layers of dead skin…
•    The first half of Chapter Three in The Barcelona Trilogy 6-issue story arc.
August 2, 2017
28 pgs. +cover, FC / 3.99


Writer/Artist: Alberto Varanda
Cover Artist: Alberto Varanda
Little Pierrot is a young boy with a very large imagination and his head forever in the stars. Joined by his snail buddy, the aptly named Mr. Snail, he sets off to explore the boundaries of space in a series of magical and surreal adventures: first to reach the Moon, and then the Stars... Classic comics storytelling for young readers in the vein of Calvin & Hobbes.
August 23, 2017
56 pages, HC / 14.99


Writers: Brian Smith & MK Reed
Artist: Wyeth Yates
Cover Artist: Wyeth Yates (Main Cover), Jade F Lee (Variant Cover)
Our heroes’ hunt for the Surrogate brings them to the usually quiet town of Plumstead, but a rival trio of mages have beaten them to it, and are tearing the place apart! Aren’t these jerks supposed to be part of the same team? Their mission is to protect humans from the Surrogate, not terrorize them! It’s up to Charris, Trinh, and Ursa to shut their rogue guildmates down!
July 19, 2017
32 pages, FC / 3.99

Writer: Tim Hedrick & Mitch Iverson
Artist: Jung Gwan
Cover Artist: Jung Gwan
The Pilgrimage Part Five. The convoy has almost reached its destination thanks to Voltron; but the Galra stand between them and their new home. This exciting finale to The Pilgrimage leads into Episode 4 of the second season of the Netflix series!
August 30, 2017
32 pages, FC / 3.99


Writer: Mathieu Reynes
Artist: Valerie Vernay
Cover Artist: Valerie Vernay
A new life begins for Marion when her mother inherits an old family house and decides to make it their new home. With its own private beach and a view of the sea, the house has all the makings of a happy new life. But when Marion discovers strange rock carvings nearby, and learns that a sinister-looking lighthouse watchman may be part of a local legend come to life, it becomes clear that things are not as idyllic as they seemed.
August 16, 2017
108 pages, SC / 14.99


CLOUDIA & REX #2 (of 3)
Writer: Ulises Fariñas and Erick Freitas
Artist: Daniel Irizarri
Cover Artist: Daniel Irizarri
Young Cloudia, now full of fugitive gods fleeing the High Waveform dominating their homeplane, searches for her mother and sister, Rex, while learning the extent of her new abilities. Hot on her trail is Tohil, the warrior god intent on stopping her before she finds the heart of the World Tree.
August 9, 2017
28 pgs. + cover, FC / 3.99

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