New ROBOTECH Trailer

"Robotech #1" cover
Credit: Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau (Titan Comics)

Titan Comics has produced a trailer promoting its new Robotech title debuting in July. Harmony Gold licensed this spin-off by Brian Wood and Marco Turini, and Titan's trailer even incorporates the anime's classic music.

Take a look:

Here is the solicitation for Robotech #1, which is due out July 26:

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Marco Turini
?Publisher: Titan Comics?
FC • 32pp • $3.99 • On Sale July 26, 2017
Not just another retelling of the Macross saga ...
In July, the story continues as we bring Carl Macek's original vision full ? ? circle. Taking into account every iteration of the series, this new ? ? Robotech #1 casts a fresh eye over classic characters like Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant, and Henry Gloval. Brian Wood and Marco Turini take us back to a Macross Island where *nothing* can be taken for granted.

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