BLACKHAWK Coming To The DC Movies - And Sooner Than You Might Think

Blackhawks by Howard Chaykin
Credit: Howard Chaykin (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman actor Saïd Taghmaoui has added a new wrinkle to his seemingly-new character of Sameer - teasing that he is in fact the classic DC hero Blackhawk. The 43-year-old actor posted an illustration of Blackhawk side-by-side with his Wonder Woman character on Instagram, with the text "Coming soon...!"

Take a look:



Coming soon..! #thankgodforeverything #alhamdulillah

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Taghmaeoui's character had previously been described as a secret agent who is 'a master of disguise,' and has worked in tandeom with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor.

Although more popular known as the team name 'Blackhawks,' Blackhawk is the name of the team's leader as far back as its 1941 beginnings at Quality Comics.

Wonder Woman opens in North American theaters June 2.

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