WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1's Four Stories & Their Creators (With One Missing)

Wonder Woman Annual #1
Credit: Stephanie Hans (DC Comics)
Credit: Nicola Scott (DC Comics)

The full list of stories in May 31's planned Wonder Woman Annual #1 have been revealed by DC Comics - with one Wonder Woman artist now bowing out.

As previously solicited back in February, outgoing series writer Greg Rucka will reunite with Nicola Scott for a post-"Year One" story with the first meeting of Superman and Batman. Liam Sharp was originally solicited as doing a companion story to this with Rucka, but is no longer listed by DC as taking part in the project.

Credit: Claire Roe (DC Comics)

DC Writers Workshop alum Vita Ayala is working with Claire Roe on a short for Wonder Woman Annual #1 where King Shark must be rescued from execution in Markovia by Diana Prince.

Credit: David Lafuente (DC Comics)

A second DC Writers Workshop alum, Michael Moreci, is contributing a story to be drawn by Stephanie Hans where Wonder Woman is asked to come to a village to a help an unnamed "old ally of Steve Trevor" who has a "cursed monster form."

And lastly, newly non-exclusive artist David Lafuente returns to DC to pit Wonder Woman against a large Kaiju monster in a story written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing.

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