DEFENDERS Villains Have Secret Connections to Previous MARVEL Series

"Defenders" still
Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix

Luke Cage actor Mike Colter has revealed that the still mysterious villains of Defenders have actually been menacing Luke, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil for a while now - we just haven't seen it. But according to Colter, those connections will become obvious during the series.

"The villains that we're dealing with are all separate entities, and they all have something to do with our separate stories that have played out in each of our own individual series, so this has been going on for a while," Colter explained to TV Guide. "It wasn't obvious in each individual series, but in this series you'll find out there are things that happened to all of us that were all basically because of one entity. That's what's gonna tie things together."

Whether Colter is talking about Sigourney Weaver's enigmatic Alexandra, the Hand, or something else entirely remains to be seen. The Hand have had connections to Daredevil and Iron Fist, with Elektra's resurrection and weaponization by the organization being a central plot point of Defenders.

Defenders premieres August 18 on Netflix.

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