SDCC 09: Jefte Palo Brings DOCTOR VOODOO to Life

SDCC 09: Jefte Palo Brings DOCTOR VOODOO

We heard word last month that Rick Remender would be writing an ongoing series spinning out of New Avengers starring the new Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Voodoo.  Now, announced at the Mondo Marvel panel in Comic-Con International: San Diego, we know that Jefte Palo, late of Wolverine, The Punisher, and the very well-received Skrull Invasion arc in Black Panther will be handling the art.  Born in Spain, Palo studied at the Joso school and entered comics from the graphic design field in 2005.  Palo’s agent, Eduardo Alpuente, helped us get in touch with the artist on the eve of his new gig.

Newsarama: Spain has a great tradition of both horror (like Paul Naschy) and comics art.  What were some of your early artistic influences, both from Europe and the United State?

Jefte Palo: I have a lot of different influences. In Spain, there´s a whole generation who likes movies and comic books of fantastic things. Some of the guilties (in a good way) are people like Alex de la Iglesia, a movie director and a wonderful artist who has done masterpieces like "el dia de la bestia". A kind of horror and fantasy movie that is difficult to get all the senses outside of Spain 

NRAMA: How would you describe your style?

Palo: I don´t know. [It] is difficult to describe your own work. I like to think that [the] pages show all the effort that I put in there and hope that fans will enjoy.  

NRAMA: You'll be drawing Doctor Voodoo; were you previously a fan of the character, or is this completely new territory for you?

Palo: Truth is that I didn´t know the character, and the good thing on that is that I´m discovering him [on] any new page, any new panel, and I´m enjoying that sort of mystery, and I´m discovering who Jericho is.

NRAMA: I interviewed Rick Remender when he was announced as writer, and he said that he really wants to do a lot with the voodoo gods and make the book kind of like a Thor or Hercules style landscape, where the mythology is very important.  What's it like to basically design this world for the Marvel Universe?

Palo:So, [it] is complicated and funny at the same time. You can leave your imagination to fly and discover things at the same point that you´re drawing them. But also, there´s the opportunity [to] introduce references and adaptations of any kind. [It’s] a thing that is being done as far as you draw pages, and is something to enjoy a lot. 

NRAMA: What in particular are you looking forward to drawing the most?

Palo:I´m really not sure. Right now, I´m focused on that book, just giving all my best here, and the inmediate word will be "Dr Voodoo".   I enjoy so much the book and the character.

NRAMA: What is the collaborative process like between you and Rick Remender?

Palo:Well, I´m adapting step by step; working with any new writer is a new challenge that I enjoy so much,  I love to show the intensity and power of the script, and hope that some day I´ll do art that will be at the same level of Rick´s script. The process is slow, but I always have the support of Rick and all the editorial team.

NRAMA: What do you think that fans are going to respond to the most about this project?

Palo:This book offers a lot of interesting things. [It’s] full of action, magic, mystery, terror . . . hard to say if there´s sometthing better than the others, all are fantastic.  But for me, [it] is the characer of "Doctor Voodoo" and hope that the readers will like [him] a lot.

Special thanks to Marvel’s Lauren E. Sankovitch and Arune Singh.


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