WIZARD WORLD Partners With 39 Comic Stores For FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Events & Exclusives

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39 comic book retailers in eight North American cities have partnered with Wizard World for special Free Comic Book Day offerings this Saturday. Each of the eight cities host one of Wizard World's conventions, and the stores have been given convention exclusive versions of several The Walking Dead issues to be sold, as well as passes to upcoming conventions.

“Local shops are the cornerstone of the entire comics entertainment industry. Everything that has sprung from the industry in the past 50 years–the books, the characters, the fandom, the culture–all started at the comic shops," said Wizard World CEO John Maatta. " What was originally fringe is now mainstream; and yet even so, there are tons of niche groups devoted to their favorite characters, genres, and media. The stores provide a home-away-from-home for fans of all types, a meeting place in real life to discuss their passions with fellow fans and to find the latest adventures of their favorite characters.”

"The comics community is very important to us," Maatta continued, "and we at Wizard World strive to promote the efforts of many sides of the entertainment industry."

The eight cities and the stores participating in this promotion are:

  • Des Moines: Capes Kafe, Mayhem Collectibles, Pop Culture Utopia, Rodman
  • Philadelphia: Amalgam, Brave New Worlds, Fat Jack’s Comicrypt, Johnny Destructo’s, South Philly
  • Sacramento: A-1, Big Brother, Comic Command Center, Comics & Collectibles, Empire’s Comics Vault, Metropolis
  • Albuquerque: Age of Comics, Lobo
  • Columbus: Capital City, Comic Town, Heroes & Games, Laughing Ogre, Moore Comics, Packrat
  • Orlando: A Comic Shop, Coliseum, Gods & Monsters, Mike’s, Sci Fi City
  • Chicago: Challengers, Chicago Comics, Dark Tower, First Aid, Graham Crackers, Maximum Distraction, Third Coast
  • Nashville: Comix City Too, Outer Limits, Rick’s Comic City, Starbase 1552
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