DARBY POP Breaks Away from IDW & MAGNETIC PRESS To Go Solo

Darby Pop Publishing
Credit: Darby Pop Publishing
Credit: Darby Pop Publishing

Darby Pop Publishing has broken away from its previous publishing partners IDW Publishing and Magnetic Press to be its own free-standing comic publisher. Founded back in 2012 by Jeff Kline, the company previously partnered with other publishers to bring its book to market but now has a direct deal with Diamond Comics Distributors for the direct market and book trade. Long-time Top Cow Editor-In-Chief Renae Geerlings acts as the company’s Managing Editor.

“When we started, we were smart enough to realize that we weren’t that smart.  Both IDW and Magnetic Press provided us with not just credibility, but invaluable advice and expertise,” said Kline, who acts as Darby Pop’s President.

Kline came to comic books after establishing a career as a Hollywood writer/producer on such projects as Transformers: Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades, and Jackie Chan Adventures.

Darby Pop will kick off this new independent era in July with deluxe editions of two out-of-print collections from its library – Indestructible: Not So Much and Side-Kicked. Both will have 22 additional story pages each.

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