LOGAN To Get Black & White Theatrical Release Next Month

Still from 'Logan'
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Logan director James Mangold tweeted Friday that a black & white version of the critical-darling final performance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine will be released in U.S. (only) theaters May 16, and will later be available on home entertainment release.

"Suggestion. Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th," Mangold tweeted.

Asked if b&w fans can just adjust the color settings "on any movie ever and achieve the same goals right now?" Mangold replied, "Won't be on a TV. And the answer is no. To make a great B&W version of a film, the whole thing's gotta be regraded & timed shot by shot."

Logan has tallied $605m at the global box office since its release in March, making it the most critically and commercially successful of the Wolverine films.

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