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In one of the most anticipated panels at Comic-Con, stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon presented new footage to a crowd of excited fans.

Director Chris Weitz was joined on stage by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene to the screaming delight of the throngs of Twilight fans – many of whom camped overnight to see the panel.

"We've got amazing fans, and all of you people are here and you're all supportive and great," Greene said.

Director Weitz admitted that, "like most men," he hadn't read the Twilight books until after he was being considered for the directing job. "Once I read it, I realized it deals with all these deep emotions that everyone feels," he said.

There were two new scenes shown, each of them concentrating on the main character, Bella, and her relationship with each of the men in her life, Jacob and Edward.

The Jacob scene had Bella riding on a motorcycle so she could see hallucinations of her beloved vampire Edward, but it is Jacob who comes to her rescue when she falls off. And the crowd of Twilight fans erupted in screams when the scene ended with Jacob taking off his shirt to use it to stop the bleeding on Bella's wound.

"I worked really hard to try to transform Jacob's body so I could portray him correctly for all you guys," Lautner said.

The Edward scene took place in Italy, with Bella running toward Pattinson's character as he takes off his shirt – with more squeals from the crowd.  "Stop! Stop!" she yells. "Edward! Don't!"

The enthusiastic crowd cheered both scenes, then often yelled "I love you Rob!" or "I love you Taylor!" as the panel continued. One surprise came when a male fan yelled, "I love you Ashley," getting a wave from the actress.

When the question and answer section of the panel started, one fan asked Pattinson if he thought about doing more comedic roles similar to his work in the independent film How to Be.

"Yeah. Why not? I don't know if I'm particularly funny," the actor joked in his British accent, the fans in the room being shockingly quiet every time he spoke. "I don't know. One of my legs is shorter than the other one so it makes everything look very awkward. I can look funny but I don't know if I can be very witty."

Weitz was asked if he has seen the "fan reaction" videos that have shown up on Youtube, where Twilight fans recorded themselves as they watched the previously released New Moon footage. He said he'd seen them and loved them.

"I and everybody in the editing room and everyone, we could not be more pleased and ticked by them," he said. "Some of them are very intense in their reactions, and I wouldn't want to get them mad at me for getting anything wrong in the movie!"

Weitz also announced that Lautner will speak a line of dialogue in Quiluete, the Native American tribe on which the werewolf characters in the books are based.

Lautner said that because his character is a werewolf that is constantly bursting out of his clothes during his wolf transformations, one of the most challenging things for him was a rainy scene where he had to perform without his shirt.

"To stand out there in the rain for 12 hours, it was really, really hard," he said.

Pattinson said his favorite part about filming in Italy was when he saw the set for the first time. "The first sight of that looked bizarrely and eerily similar to how I pictured it," he said. "And that was kind of astonishing as well."

When asked what they are most looking forward to in future movies from the Twilight Saga, Greene said she's looking forward to working with director David Slade, who will helm the Eclipse film that starts filming next month.

Stewart got shouts of support from the crowd when she said, "I can't wait to actually get pregnant," referring to what happens in the fourth book of the Twilight series, but also alluding to a tabloid article claiming she was pregnant with Pattinson's child.

When the actors were asked how they've changed since Twilight, Pattinson also alluded to his overwhelming attention from tabloid press by making what he called a "bad analogy."

"You just walk down the street and you just step on a stone and you're just trying not to drown afterward," he said. "That's my life."

Greene said the difference between her life before and after Twilight is huge. "The first one, we were so nervous because we didn't know what to expect and what you guys wanted and if you'd accept us," the actress said, indicating that it's all changed now that fans have become so enthusiastic. "You guys have been so great and gracious."

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