NBC's POWERLESS 'Not Officially Cancelled Yet,' PRESIDENT LUTHOR Out To Destroy World In Season Finale

Credit: NBC
Credit: Cliff Chiang (NBC)

Depsite their final two episodes from season one being pulled from the schedule, NBC's Powerless is "not officially cancelled yet" according to producer Patrick Schumacker.

That being said, co-showrunner Justin Halpern spoke in the past-tense about the show in a Reddit AMA which took place Thursday - but did give some glimmer at an interesting season/series finale.

"Wish you could have seen the finale. LexCorp and President Luthor try to destroy the earth and our guys stop them. We really went for it in the finale. I think we spent 5 episodes worth of our effects budget on it," said Halpern. "We haven't heard anything officially. We hope that they air, or are at least released on Hulu. I honestly don't know right now, though."

NBC has not made any official comment about the status of Powerless.

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