MILLAR Bringing KINGSMAN Back to Comic Books

Panel from 'The Secret Service'
Credit: Icon
Credit: 20th Century Fox

With the first Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer out, co-creator Mark Millar said the comic book-turned-movie franchise is getting a comic book sequel as well.

"This would probably be a good time to mention that a new Kingsman comic starts in September too. Kingsman: The Red Diamond," Millar tweeted. "More later :)"

This would coincide with the movie sequel's September 22 release date. There is no indication of whether Dave Gibbons, the co-creator/artist of The Secret Service, on which Kingsman is based, will return alongside Millar.

Millar also did not disclose through which publisher the project would arrive, though the original was published through Marvel's Icon imprint.

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