Hitting With the Flashback Punch in COUGAR & CUB #4 Preview

"Cougar and Cub #4" preview

Rosie Knight and Daniel Arruda Massa's Cougar & Cub back-ups continue with a jump to the black and white boom of the 1980s. Take a look.

Cougar and Cub #4
Written by Nick Marino & Rosie Knight
Art by Daniel Arruda Massa
Cougar's been ambushed in the Cat Hole and Cub's out for revenge! Eager to make amends after his hysterical hissy fit, he's got his eyes on the city's big bads but ends up running head first into Megaville's biggest baby. Plus, backtrack to the black and white boom as a grim 'n gritty Cougar is pulled out of retirement by a plucky Cub to battle a mutant shark with a shady past


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