HOT ROD (a.k.a. Rodimus Prime) Makes His Big Screen TRANSFORMERS Debut

Hot Rod in Transformers: The Last Knight
Credit: EW/Paramount

Entertainment Weekly is showing off the first look at Hot Rod, who in original Transformers animated history would go on to become the divisive Rodimus Prime, making his live-action debut in this summer's Transformers: The Last Knight.

While he doesn't seem slated to controversially take over as leader of the Autobots a la 1986's Transformers: The Movie, it is curious his debut comes during a time Optimus Prime is out of commission, at least for the first of The Last Knight

Hot Rod instead will be revealed an undercover Autobot protecting Oxford professor of English literature Viviane Wembly (Laura Haddock, Star-Lord’s mom in that other shared movie universe), someone who unknowingly "harbors a genetic secret that could destroy (or save) the world."

The part has not been voicecast yet, but will reportedly not be Judd Nelson, who voiced the role in the 1986 film. 

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