SHADOW KING Returning To Marvel Comics In A Big Way

Shadow King
Credit: Jim Lee (Marvel Comics)

The Shadow King has been confirmed as the mystery villain in the first arc of the upcoming Astonishing X-Men title. Announced by series writer Charles Soule during the Marvel "ResurrXion" panel at C2E2 2017, this follows his major appearance in FX's live-action Legion series.

"The story open in London. Something really intense happens and the X-Men show up and try to fix it," said Soule.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The writer went on to frame Astonishing X-Men as a "puzzle box," saying the ever changing nature of the Shadow King's home realm of the Astral Plane means that reality will always be in question. The story will visit many points in X-Men history via the Astral Plane. Soule called it "weaponized nostalgia," using the mechanic to convey emotions and ideas.

"I think the best X-Men stories are the ones where they're not only saving the world, but trying to convince everyone that the are saving the world," Soule continued.

Soule calls the synergy between usage of Shadow King in Legion and here in Astonishing X-Men a "happy accident."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"The last page is gonna break the internet," said Chris D'Lando from Marvel's marketing department.

Astonishing X-Men #1 by Soule and artist Jim Cheung is scheduled to debut July 19.

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