Is Marvel Returning to Old Numbering After SECRET EMPIRE?

"Uncanny X-Men #600" variant cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics had made it clear over the last several months during retailer events and public announcements that after Secret Empire they’ll be reemphasizing their core, classic characters. Could that also include the decades-long numbering system that publisher has more-or-less abandoned over the last decade for frequent series relauches?

According to a brief report at The Beat, it sounds like that may be on the table.

Marvel Comics reportedly spoke with retailers about "the legacy numbering returning post-Secret Empire." This occured during a closed-door meeting with retailers Thursday at Diamond Comics Distributors' Retailer Summit.

If Marvel returns titles to their original numbering in some form, it would follow in the footsteps of Venom - a new ongoing launched in January 2017, which will jump to #150 in May and continue with #151 in June and #152 in July. Previously, Marvel had reverted to so-called 'legacy' numbering for special issues of certain titles like Uncanny X-Men and She-Hulk, but reverted back its previous, lower numbering after one issue.

DC Comics' two longest-running titles, Detective Comics and Action Comics, reverted back to their original pre-New 52 numbering in June 2016 as part of "Rebirth," and both are within a few years of reaching issue #1000.

Marvel could not be reached for comment.

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