The Real History of AMERICA In ELLIS & HESTER's SHIPWRECK #4 Preview

"Shipwreck #4" preview

Warren Ellis and Phil Hester's dynamic take on the idea of a shipwreck continues in a preview of May 3's Shipwreck #4 from AfterShock Comics.

SHIPWRECK #4 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Phil Hester
Colorist: Mark Englert
Inker: Eric Gapstur
Cover Artist: Phil Hester
The clock is ticking. There’s a rescue mission ahead. But so is the saboteur who stranded Jonathan Shipwright here in the first place. Can Shipwright reach the end of the road in time? Or does the road have no end?
From the co-creator and writer of AUTHORITY, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, and PLANETARY, and artist of GREEN ARROW and THE COFFIN!

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