UPDATED: GENERATIONS NOT Delayed According to New Info from MARVEL

Alex Ross Marvel GENERATIONS teaser
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Newsarama/Marvel Comics

Updated April 20, 2017 at 10:27 a.m. Eastern: Since the publication of the original article (below), Marvel has informed Newsarama that ABC News incorrectly reported in their March 24 article that Generations would run from July to September.

Following Newsarama's initial conversation with Marvel this morning, ABC News updated their original story to read that Generations "launches in August and runs through September." Marvel has confirmed that as the current and original planned schedule for Generations.

Original Story: The launch of Marvel's 10-way crossover Generations has been postponed from July to August.

Originally announced as running from July to September in an article by its Disney sister company ABC News, Marvel's Generations is now being billed as a two-month project running from August to September according to an advertisement on the back of the Diamond Retailer Summit 2017 Event Guide.

Questions first arose about this after Generations was absent from Marvel Comics' July 2017 solicitations (as noted here), but this advertisements seems to confirm the project's postponement one month.

Marvel was not available for comment.

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