WHEDON Shoots Down BATGIRL Casting Rumors, 'Doubts' She'll Be a 'Name' Actor

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Joss Whedon has made his first public statements about directing Warner Bros.'s Batgirl film - while on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 red carpet. During Wednesday evening's event, Variety asked the one-time Avengers helmer about the movie and just who he's looking at to portray Batgirl.

“I don’t have my eye on anybody,” said Whedon. “I feel like I’m creating this character. I’m in a dialogue with her, and then we’ll see who joins that later on.”

Some sites previously speculated that The 100's Lindsey Morgan had already been cast in the role, but Whedon's comments here shoot that down. In fact, Whedon says it probably won't be a major 'movie star' at all - and for a reason.

“I doubt it’ll be ‘a name.’ I think this is somewhere where you’ll go an find Batgirl, and then you cast her," said the writer/director. "I’m not against movie stars; they’re great. But you need somebody who’s going to be just right. And a situation like this, the name carries a lot of weight,” he added, “so it’s not as critical, so … definitely Vin Diesel.”

You can watch the Variety clip here:

When Joss Whedon left Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman movie in 2007, he revealed a similiar casting decision - he wanted then How I Met Your Mother actor Cobie Smulders to play Diana Prince, years before she was cast as Maria Hill for 2012's Avengers.

No release date has been given for Warner Bros.'s Batgirl.

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