Chrononauts #2 cover
Credit: Image Comics

Philip Gawthorne has been chosen to write the screenplay for Universal Pictures' Chrononauts, as reported by Deadline. Universal optioned the Mark Millar/Sean Murphy miniseries in early 2015, with Fast & the Furious producer Chris Morgan overseeing the project.

Gawthorne is a playwright-turned-screenwriter, working extensively on various BBC projects before seguing to Hollywood in 2013 and selling an as-yet-unproduced pilot to Starz. A movie adaption of his play Modern Life Is Rubbish is scheduled to be released later this year. He has written scripts for a Vin Diesel-led Kojak remake and new projects at Warner Bros. and Lionsgate.

No Chrononauts castings have been made, but Millar previously stated that the comic book title originated after Universal asked him to come up with a buddy movie for Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth; the duo were later referenced in the miniseries' fourth issue.


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