Disney's DUCKTALES & TANGLED Bounces Into Comic Books

Credit: IDW Publishing
Credit: IDW Publishing

Disney's DuckTales and Tangled: The Series are transitioning from cartoon to comic books as part of a deal with IDW Publishing.

“We’re extremely excited to expand IDW's relationship with Disney," said IDW Group Editor Sarah Gaydos. "There’s a lot of buzz surrounding both of these new animated series and we aim to live up to, and exceed, fan expectations.”

Credit: IDW Publishing

IDW's DuckTales will launch in July with a #0 issue, and is patterned after the upcoming Disney XD reboot. In August, a Tangled OGN subtitled Adventure Is Calling features Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, as well as Pascal, Maximus, and the new character Cassandra from the Tangled TV series. No specific creators were named for the books.

This is an expansion of IDW's long-term partnership which Disney which began in early 2015 with the launch of its Disney Comics line. IDW has also published several collections of older Marvel titles, and this past weekend announced the launching of a all-ages Star Wars line seperate from Marvel's in-continuity titles.

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