Video Game Character Out To Save Its Player In BROKEN

Credit: Jose Garcia
Credit: Jose Garcia

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“What if you were inside the game?”

A new series begins where the line between video games and reality become blurred, when a failed video game character teams up with a deprived boy to fight the world and make their dreams reality.

In the future, the world’s most popular video game is Scrap Battle. An integrated reality game, like Pokémon Go’, but the game features visors that allow a player to see their character in front of them, as if they exist in the real world. The player can talk to their character, train their character, and win with their character, by going out and battling other players in tournaments for success, money and fame.

Credit: Jose Garcia

Our story’s main character Patrick loves playing this game, and thoroughly believes that with hard work and determination, you can succeed at this game and in life. However, one day some bullies smash his favorite character, leaving him to play with a character he found in the trash, a Princess character named Erin. Backed into a corner, Patrick must find a way to rise through the adversity to prove that he can win his new friend Erin. Especially with a destitute family and ailing mother counting on his success, but little does he know, Erin will be helping in her own special way, because she is a secret character with many hidden abilities that make her "Broken."

Broken is the beginning of new ongoing series from writer/creator Johnny Parker II and comic book artist Jose Garcia. Broken is in the process of seeking funding for its first print run through Kickstarter, with a campaign launching on Tuesday April 18, 2017.

For more information on this exciting new series, and to view the art work and first pages, please visit the KickStarter campaign via this preview link:

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