RETROFIT/BIG PLANET Reveal Spring 2017 Line-Up & Kickstarter

Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics
Credit: Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics

Press Release

Acclaimed independent publisher Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics is pleased to announce their official Spring 2017 line of six graphic novels and comic books. Retrofit/Big Planet also have launched a Kickstarter for the Spring 2017 line.

The line includes:

Combed Clap of Thunder by Zach Hazard Vaupen
Steam Clean by Laura ?eni?š
How To Be Alive by Tara Booth
Iceland by Yuichi Yokoyama
Tales from the Hyperverse by Will Cardini
TRUMPTRUMP vol. 1: nomination to inauguration by Warren Craghead III

Credit: Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics

Books are offered individually, but a complete subscription for all six books is only $45. A digital subscription is also available for $20. In addition, options are available to get nearly every comic published by Retrofit/Big Planet together in a single package, either digitally as DRM-free PDFs, or a giant package of all the Retrofit/Big Planet comics still in print. Retailers may also advance order the Spring 2017 line at a discount. Further rewards include sketches, pages of original art, and commissions.

Retrofit/Big Planet founder and editor Box Brown said, "Our last Kickstarter in 2016 was the biggest one we've ever done with over $40,000, and I can't even believe we made it, and I'm really glad we did! This year we're splitting our releases into two seasons. This spring line up is an amazing mix of short stories, political cartoons, one page painted comics, graphic novels, and the first translated manga of Yuichi Yokoyama since 2013.

I think Zach Hazard Vaupen's work is super interesting, his drawing style is really unique and these three stories are in-depth and sometimes frightening.

Laura ?eni?š work was new to me. Steam Clean is about cleansing yourself of the evil spirits you live with, and I'm really proud to be publishing it.

I really love Will Cardini's use of science fiction, aliens, other dimensions and psychedelic colors.

Tara Booth is really cool. Her comics are so impressive to me. They're fun and revealing and really deceptively simple.

Yuichi Yokoyama is a visionary Japanese artist. His work is some of the most unique and amazing cartooning art being done in the world.

And Warren Craghead's TRUMPTRUMP is some of the best political cartooning happening right now.”

Jared Smith, co-publisher of Retrofit/Big Planet, said, "In some ways this is our most eclectic line, but I think it also shows off the quality and diversity of our publications. We're timing this to have our first two books out as soon as the Kickstarter ends so we can immediately debut them at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May.”

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