WONDER WOMAN's New Writer & Artist - And They're Both Women

Wonder Woman #26
Credit: DC Comics

DC Super Hero Girls writer Shea Fontana and DC Comics Bombshells artist Mirka Andolfo has been tapped as DC's new Wonder Woman creative team, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The duo are scheduled to debut July 12's Wonder Woman #26, with Fontana contracted to write five issues and Andolfo to draw the first two.

"Having worked on DC Super Hero Girls for the last few years, I have a great sense of Wondy, a teenage Wonder Woman in a high school setting, and it's an honor and an adrenaline rush to be writing her now 'all grown up,'" Fontana said. "Many of her core characteristics continue to remain routed in peace, justice and equality, but as an adult she’s seen a lot more war and tragedy, and is dealing with her world from a wiser, more experienced point of view."

Fontana and Andolfo's first storyline is said to introduce a new villain, and the first issue will come just one month after the opening of the Wonder Woman film.

"[Shea Fontana] has an incredible visual storytelling talent to create cinematic superhero action sequences while capturing the complexity of the characters' emotions [and] maintaining a clear focus on the evolving relationships between characters," said Andolfo.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to remain a twice-monthly book.

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