"Wonder Woman #13" cover
Credit: Liam Sharp (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Comics

Artist Liam Sharp has joined with Greg Rucka joined with Greg Rucka in leaving DC's Wonder Woman after June's #25.

"Yes, we're on to new things after an incredible time," Sharp tweeted. "It's been a joy. Bless you [Greg Rucka] & the whole team [at DC Comics]! Misting up here!"

Sharp also thanked Wonder Woman's fans for their support of his run with Rucka, which began at the start of "Rebirth," and went on to say he'd like to return to the title some day.

"It's only fair to let a new team find their Diana," he said. "But I would happily return one day. I love her, and the book, and consider myself honoured."

Sharp's co-artist on the bimonthly title, Bilquis Evely, has given no indication whether she will remain on the title after Rucka and Sharp depart. Evely joined Wonder Woman after previous artist Nicola Scott announced her departure earlier this year. Scott's final work will appear in Wonder Woman Annual #1 in May.

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