Captain America: Sam Wilson #21
Credit: Marvel Comics

Major changes took place in this week’s Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 heading into Secret Empire #0 on April 19. Writer Nick Spencer set the stage for what could be a major upheaval for Sam Wilson, while artist Daniel Acuna’s art sneaks some hints at the rise of a new hero.

Spoilers ahead for Captain America: Sam Wilson #21.

Credit: Marvel Comics

As Sam Wilson recounts his life both before becoming Captain America and after in a letter to Misty Knight, we’re given a tour of his current status quo and what’s going on with his allies.

With Rage still in a coma, Joaquin Torres/Falcon swears revenge against both the court system that railroaded him and the criminals who attacked him. Meanwhile, D-Man helps rebuild the church of Sam's brother Gideon, and it’s revealed TV pundit Harry Hauser is an operative of Hydra working for Steve Rogers.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In light of all that’s occurring around him, Sam announces on television that he is retiring as Captain America - something teased not just on the cover of this issue, but future issues of Captain America: Sam Wilson as well.

Inspired by Sam's retirement, Rayshaun, the teenager who has been seen wearing Rage make-up while rioting, is seen working on a design for a new costume labeled “Patriot.” A character named Patriot with a similar costume is set to appear in Secret Empire: Brave New World, and has appeared in previews for Secret Empire #1.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #22 is due out May 31, which Secret Empire #1 comes out April 19.

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