Credit: Jamie Hewlett
Credit: Jamie Hewlett

Updated May 1, 2017: Jamie Hewlett has confirmed that the previously reported Gorillaz TV series is in production, to debut in 2018.

Hewlett told Exclaim! that he will direct the first and last episodes of the series, which will be produced primarily in 2D animation.

"They'll be that way from now on. I think it's a beautiful style of animation," Hewlett explained. "Everybody does CG now, and it is great when you're making backgrounds, like environments and landscapes, but not the actual characters. I'm still very much inspired by the work of Chuck Jones, and I love that animation. It's art. I'd like to keep the characters in that style for the rest of this campaign. So the characters on the show will be 2D, but everything else is up for grabs."

Hewlett also said that the show could incorporate other elements, such as the characters interacting with human actors, and guest appearances from musicians that have worked on Gorillaz albums.

"It could be real footage with real people talking to the characters," said Hewlett. "We'll have guest appearances in the series by various artists that appear on the album or whoever we happen to write into the series. Or it could be a mix of collage and photography and a bit of CG as well."

No release date or platform for the Gorillaz animated series have been announced.

Original Story: A 10-episode Gorillaz television series is in the works, according to co-creator Jamie Hewlett in an interview with Q (via Pitchfork). Although the exact quote from Hewlett is unavailable, Pitchfork relays that the Tank Girl co-creator said that the TV show follows a failed animated film being developed by DreamWorks Animation.

"It was too dark to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on," said Hewlett.

Although best known for his work with Damon Albarn on the Gorillaz, Hewlett originated in the British comic book scene. In 1998, Hewlett and Alan Martin created Tank Girl for the upstart magazine Deadline. He also worked on 2000 AD, Shade the Changing Man, and Doom Patrol.

His Face strip Get the Freebies was adapted into a mixed live action/animated hybrid show for BBC titled Phoo Action.

The latest Gorillaz album, Humanz, is scheduled to go on-sale April 28.

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