MARVEL Confirms Sequel To Top-Selling Story Of Past 3 Years (Hint: It's DEADPOOL)

"Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1" cover
Credit: Dave Johnson (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

A sequel to 2012's Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is scheduled to launch this July. Returning creators Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic are working on a new bi-monthly five issue miniseries titled Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again. The previous miniseries featured the Merc with the Mouth running through the major characters of the Marvel U, ending with a unique cliffhanger - the creator, and editors Jordan D. White and Axel Alonso about to be cut apart by a sword.

"I don’t think you’ll be seeing Deadpool returning to the Marvel offices in this new series. While that worked in the original book, this new story is something altogether different," said Bunn. "The tale that we’re presenting here definitely gives us something new and exciting, so it’s time to pull the trigger! Some classic Marvel villains have a hand in Deadpool’s murderous rampage. There’s a mystery to be solved and a real exciting reveal to be had further down the road."

Credit: Dave Johnson (Marvel Comics)

The original Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe has been Marvel's highest-selling trade paperback for the past several years, as revealed by the publisher's Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel.

"Look, I am very proud of that original story. I think Dalibor and I did something special with it, but I never expected it to have the reaction - and the longevity - that it has enjoyed. It’s still one of the most popular books I’ve ever worked on," said Bunn. "I think it’s the kind of book that attracts readers because it’s an easy jumping on point. You don’t need to know much about Deadpool or Marvel continuity to enjoy the story."

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