WONDER WOMAN Projected To Break $100m In Opening Weekend

"Wonder Woman" still
Credit: DC Films / Warner Bros.

Updated May 11, 2017: New domestic box office predictions place Wonder Woman on track to break $100m on its opening weekend, according to The Wrap. Estimates place the exact total anywhere between $105-115m - significantly higher than early April estimates, which had it at $83m.

This esitmate would be well below Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's $166m domestic opening, or Suicide Squad's $133m, but according to The Wrap, expectations have been tempered by the lukewarm cricitcal reception to those films. However, The Wrap also cites unnamed sources connected to the production who say that Warner Bros. would consider anything north of $100m a success for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is due out in theaters June 2.

Original Story: With less than two months before its debut, Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman has an early projection of at $83 million opening weekend from BoxOfficePro. The reception to the film on Twitter has been "in line or stronger" than Suicide Squad in terms of opinion, but the site says that the overall volume of Twitter mentions is less than any previous DC Extended Universe film.

As the first female solo superhero film since 2005's Elektra, the "stronger-than usual (for the genre) appeal to women" is also expected to boost Wonder Woman.

BoxOfficePro goes on to estimate that Wonder Woman will earn $225m in total domestic box office.

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