Netflix's PUNISHER Finishes Filming, While DAREDEVIL Season 3 Preps For Fall Shoot

Daredevil Season 2
Credit: Netflix

The first season of Netflix's The Punisher has wrapped principal photography, while the next season of the show where Jon Bernthal originated - Daredevil - is prepping for a fall shoot.

The Punisher news comes from a set of photos released online from a Punisher wrap party attended by Bernthal, Ben Barnes, and other people involved with the show.

Meanwhile, Daredevil star Charlie Cox was asked about the third season of Daredevil while appearing on the podcast Film and Telly Stuff with Luke and Al.

"I do that later in the year," Cox revealed. "We’ll go back and do that."

No release date for either Punisher or the third season of Daredevil has been released.

Defenders completed shooting in March 2017, with a scheduled release date of August 18. Jessica Jones' ssecond season began shooting earlier this week, while Iron Fist has yet to be renewed for a second season. Netflix has ordered a second season of Luke Cage however, but there's been no timetable of that project.

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