There's a Reason NATALIE MORALES' POWERLESS Character is Not Called 'FIRE'

Natalie Morales as 'the Green Fury' on 'Powerless'
Credit: NBC

NBC's DC Universe sitcom Powerless just introduced another superhero in former Justice League member Beatriz da Costa - better known in comic books as "Fire," but in the world of the show, she's known as "Green Fury."

So why the namechange in bringing the character to TV? "We... Address it," said Morales in a response to that very question on Twitter. 

In comic books, da Costa has used several codenames - though she actually started out as Green Fury in Super Friends #25. A few years later she was re-introduced in Global Guardians, where she took the name "Green Flame," before settling on Fire when she joined the burgeoning Justice League International alongside Ice, her counterpart and best friend.

Green Fury is actually the second JLI character to appear on the show after Crimson Fox, another longtime member of that team, appeared in the pilot. The JLI era was known for its sitcom-like humor, set against Justice League-style superhero plots.

Powerless airs Thursday nights on NBC. 

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