With Diversity Debate Raging, STELA Boasts Female Readership Over 45%

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Credit: Stela

The topic of diversity - in characters, in creators, and readership - was brought to the fore last week by Marvel, and now the digital comics service Stela has come out trumpeting its diverse readership. In a press release, the California-based company said that its readership is 45% female "and growing."

"The problem isn't who, it's what. Unlike traditional publishers and distributors, Stela isn't limited to typical comic content and genre," said the company announcement. "They provide readers with a wider range of material to suite different tastes, interests, and lifestyles - including material that appeals to a female audience. Not every reader is into super heroes and zombies."

Stela said that its female subscriber base was cultivated by using "female targeted ads," which reportedly saw "consistently high returns."

According to the company, 80% of Stela's creative staff are female - a marked difference from typical North American comic book publishers. That team is led by Creative Director Yaling Catorcini and writer/artist Sandra Lanz.

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