Long-Awaited SPIDER-MEN Sequel Coming In 2017 - And Not Connected to GENERATIONS

"Spider-Men #2" cover by Jim Cheung
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Sara Pichelli (Marvel Comics)

Six years after the first meeting of Marvel U Peter Parker and then-Ultimate U Spider-Man Miles Morales in Spider-Men, writer Brian Michael Bendis said a sequel is coming this summer - and is unconnected to the similiarly-premised Generations. In an interview with Ultimate Spin, Bendis said that he will "delve into what the relationship between Peter and Miles is."

"I had a year to establish what Miles is in the 616. Peter didn't plan on there being a bunch of Spider-Man characters, and their responsibility is becoming his responsibility... or is it? That's a big part moving forward."

Bendis goes on to say that the as-yet-untitled follow-up to Spider-Men will answer all the questions people have had about Peter and Miles' connection, including who knows about Miles' coming from the now-dead Ultimate Universe after Secret Wars.

"I get questions about this all time time - it's so flattering. Five years since the original Spider-Men miniseries with their first team-up," said Bendis. "Good news is that we're going to answer all the questions about Peter/Miles. The eight months of Miles in the 616, everything. All will be answered this summer."

That would seemingly include the whereabouts of the Marvel U version of Miles Morales that Peter Parker googled and was shocked by what he found - something Bendis has yet to follow up on, before or after the Ultimate Miles came to the Marvel U with Secret Wars.

"There is this Spider-Man movie coming out, and this big Spider-Man project describing all these things. I've been teasing it on my end, and we'e ready to tell that story. The time has come, and this summer is the time to tell it."

Bendis confirms that it will be seperate and "on top of" the Generations story about Miles and Peter that he and Ramon Perez are working on.

It is unknown if Miles Morales co-creator Sarah Pichelli is returning for this Spider-Man sequel.

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