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Credit: Marvel Comics
Spider-Man sketch by Ramon Perez
Spider-Man sketch by Ramon Perez
Credit: Ramon Perez/Marvel

Marco Rudy and Ramon Perez will be drawing the Iron Man and Spider-Man stories for Marvel's upcoming Generations project. Their work on those projects was revealed by writer Brian Michael Bendis, who is writing those stories, during a podcast interview with Ultimate Spin.

"I'll give you some scoopy scoops. Spider-Man Generations is by myself and Ramon Perez, which I'm very excited about because I've never worked with him before. His Jim Henson graphic novel was one of the best things in the past ten years," said Bendis, referring to A Tale of Sand. Perez also worked on Amazing Spider-Man.

"And then on Iron Man Generations with RiRi WIlliams and Tony Stark, it will be drawn by Marco Rudy," Bendis added.

Credit: Marco Rudy (Marvel Comics)

Although Bendis has never worked with Perez before, he collaborated with Rudy on his Uncanny X-Men/X-Men run in 2013, and in a brief segment of Civil War II #8.

"These are two wonderful artists I haven't been actively working with, but was eager to; not only doing stories I've been dying to tell that this concept allows, but getting to work with two artists I've been dying to work with," Bendis continued. "I find Marco Rudy, Andrea Sorrentino, and Ramon Perez phenomenal, 'next level' artists. If I was in college right now, I would be tripping over their sh*t like I did Bill Sienkiewicz and Kent Williams."

It is unknown just how these two stories will be published, either as seperate miniseries or as part of some anthology, but Generations is scheduled to run from July to September - concurrent, but as of yet not connected, to Secret Empire.

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