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As more and more of Spider-Man: Homecoming is shown ahead of its July 6 theatrical debut, one of the big questions Spidey fans are having isn't about some big cliffhanger, but if Jacob Batalon's Ned is actually Miles Morales' comic book best friend, Ganke. After being silent for months about the subject, Ganke co-creator Brian Michael Bendis has commented on the similarities.

"I'll be very honest right now. I hae not talked about this publicly, but it feels very bizarre," said Bendis on the podcast Ultimate Spin. "Most of the time when characters I've had a hand in make it to the screen, from Jessica Jones to Maria Hill to Quake, the level of quality in the adaptation and care in which they bring it past the initial adaptation has been uniformally amazing - second to none."

Bendis goes to to say that he is reserving judgement and has no ill will, but said there is "so much" in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers from his comic book work on Ultimate Spider-Man.

"I've not seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, so wait until we see what we see. But yeah, it's bizarre and flattering," the writer continued. "I don't even know that Ganke was the inspiration, or that they got to this place on their own. It seems like it might have been, but no one's told me. There's so much in that first trailer from Ultimate Spider-Man. But Ganke wasn't part of Peter's story - he was part of Miles."

That being said, Bendis said he has written a joke about it for Ganke to appear in an upcoming title.

"I did get permission to pull off a Ganke joke that is so phenomenal, that it makes up for whatever weird feeling I have. It's not bad, just weird."

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to debut July 6. Ganke appears in Marvel Comics' monthly Spider-Man comic book title.

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