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My head tends to swim in an anxious soup the day after attending a comic con. It swims, overloaded in ideas that I’m eager to produce and fear that something will get in my way of producing them. I obsess neurotically over how to get the books into production, how best to develop the plots, what teams to put together and, especially in the case of Marvel/DC work, how best to pitch.

I can’t turn it off.

It’s a big reason I do the shows. They inspire the motor, stoking a broken part of my head to spits out crazy juice. It’s not entirely bad; as it turns out this crazy juice serves as fuel to most creative types… or those that I identify with at least. We’re frequently broken, unbalanced people. Right now as I fly home from Charlotte where I attended the Heroes Con, my leg bobbing and clearly irritating all those around me, I know that tonight I will not be able to sleep. Too much crazy juice has been released… the engine is flooded.

Beyond the inspiration brought on the next best thing about doing conventions is getting to spend time with my contemporaries. The gang of people I surround myself with is comprised, mostly, of creators that I’ve known for years, my graduating class if you will. In order to maintain the enthusiasm necessary to create good comics through all the many roadblocks and unpleasant realities of the business, I surround myself with likeminded people who I trust and feel at home around, mostly comprised of the people I came up through the ranks with. We are brothers in nerd-arms in this war against day jobs and normalcy. We work to support each other and maintain a positive mental attitude. We celebrate each other’s success and we lift up anyone who has fallen on hard times. I wouldn’t have been able to make it in comics without them and it’s good to get together, play dice and talk comics.

I declare Heroes Con to be an official success. I’m recharged and reinvigorated… re-ignited. I have work that is challenging and exciting waiting for me. Opportunities to grow as a writer and to better entertain the people who put three bucks in my hand in exchange for a pulpy distraction from their own jobs and their own struggles.

Today I wanted to share some art by Eric Canete from our ongoing books at Dark Horse, The End League. Again this is all work in progress stuff. A taste of things we’re currently cooking up. A rare opportunity to see designs and pages right off the artist board.

See you in a week or two…

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