POLL - The Movie of the Summer of 2009??

POLL - The Movie of the Summer of 2009??

Paramount's G.I. Joe might still be waiting in the wings, but the probable Top 4 grossing movies of 2009 (or at least the summer) have already been released – Paramount's Star Trek ($253m), Disney/Pixar's Up ($280m), Paramount/DreamWorks' Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ($364m), and Warner's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($158m in 5 days)*.

Three of the four have been critical smashes, and the one that isn't (Transformers) is rocketing up the All-Time box office charts and almost assuredly set to land in the Top 10. In short, you can make the case for any of the four to be considered the Movie of the Summer of 2009.

So Newsarama thought we'd let you decide. Which movie do you consider (factoring in box office, performance against expectations, pop-cultural impact, and/or which you just enjoyed the most) to be the top movie of the summer?

Take a minute to vote in our poll and stick around to discuss your reasons with your fellow genre fans.

* All North American box office figures through Sunday, July 19th.

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